arshia azmat

Des rues carolos

2018 — communication campaign

As part of a free-themed subject surrounding the city of Charleroi, I chose to work about the integration of serious precariousness in a city in transition. In this context, I contacted the association Carolo Rue, specialized in street work in the city.  After discussing with them, it emerged that there is a growing fear and indifference towards the homeless in Charleroi. In response to this, the association is putting together a series of social cohesion initiatives: meetings, conferences…

“When I got out of jail, I was happy to be free. Then I realised I had no one to tell, nowhere to go to.”

My mission was to create communication tools that could awaken citizens’ interest to join on these initiatives of the association. 

My initial intention was to take portraits of Carolos of the street, but it was difficult because they rarely consented to have their pictures taken. However, they were usually very open and talkative. From there, I started to collect testimonials from homeless Carolos and transposed them to the place where I had met them. The superposition and the absence brings to light something we usually refuse to see.

In addition to the testimonial, every poster reads “In Charleroi, the streets speak. Listening to them is already understanding”. 

“The way people look at me changes. They see me, they’re afraid to talk to me. Sometimes, they change sidewalks.”

The posters send us to a website, divided into three categories: listen, understand, meet. The first presents a sound map of the city, through which we can listen to audio testimonials of the people of the streets. The other two sections refer to Carolo Rue’s activities: lecture series and information sessions, and meetings such as barbecues and neighborhood parties.

“At the end of the day, no matter how I introduce myself, it always comes down to the streets.”